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You’re a small business owner, but you’ve never had a problem thinking big. It’s the reason you put it all on the line every day. You live in a world with no guaranteed success, which is why your investments need to be smart and strategic. The Internet has forever changed consumer behavior, but how do you catch up?

It all begins at your front door. It extends down your block into your neighborhood and spreads through your entire community. The “it” we’re referring to is local search. The rise of local search is a clear indication to small business owners that a successful Internet marketing strategy begins with local search.

At RevLocal, our day starts and ends with local search. It’s the foundation of our business, and it should be the foundation of yours. Search engines continue to favor local businesses in search results, and we expect this trend to continue. If you’re ready to think large, start by thinking local.

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Renown Review Marketing

Reviews matter. They are the word-of-mouth referrals of the digital world. Reviews significantly influence consumer decision making. In fact, 92% of consumers read reviews before selecting a business. What are they reading about yours? Favorable reviews can lead to more business, while negative reviews can drive prospects away.

Reviews are often hard to come by, but our review marketing tool, Renown, is changing the game. Renown assists your business in generating, aggregating and syndicating reviews. Completely avoiding negative reviews in today’s world is mission impossible (even Tom Cruise would agree), but generating new reviews and maximizing their positive effect is entirely possible. With Renown, review marketing has never been easier.

Let’s review:

  • Automated review generation
  • Review aggregation
  • Review syndication
  • Real-time reputation monitoring
  • Brand protection
  • Reporting and analytics
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