Not all businesses are the same and neither should
their online marketing plan be the same either.
Gone are the days of trying to fit all business types into a one-size-fits-most model. RevLocal plans are designed to give attention to practices of online marketing that are the most benefit to your business category. Our plans are scalable in that they can scale with your business and online community, and are flexible should there be a need to adapt to real data with a change in strategy.


The Advanced plan has at its core a Local Search strategy ideal for most small to medium size businesses. Depending on your business category or how online consumers respond to your type of business you may want to add one or more other strategies to gain a short term advantage, grow or improve your online presence, or nurture a community of online fans.

The INTERNET MARKETING PLAN, our most comprehensive strategy.

For the most comprehensive online marketing strategy we recommend the Internet Marketing Department or IMD plan. IMD plans are designed to grow, engage, and retain customers by exercising all four of the core strategies of online marketing. IMD plans are very effective during all (short, mid, and long term) phases of a company's online marketing efforts.


Just about all online marketing strategies can be simmered down into 4 core categories: Local Search, Paid Search, Social Media, and Content Marketing. Each strategy has a critical part to play in the effort of gaining, engaging and retaining consumers.
No Contract, No Commitment Plans.

Local SearchLocal Search
  • We’ll manage your online business listings
  • Generate exposure in over 250+ online directories
  • Monitor and report on the online reputation of your business
  • Create a targeted microsite to drive more consumer traffic

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Paid SearchPaid Search
  • Generate exposure and results within 30 days
  • Scalable to fit your goals and budget
  • Create online ads that attract new customers
  • Target specific areas of greatest potential
  • Optimize using A | B ad testing strategy
  • Track and share campaign results regularly
*RevLocal is a Google Adwords Certified Partner
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Social MediaSocial Media
  • Professionally brand your social media
  • Interact with new and existing fans and followers
  • Includes Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Linkedin and Youtube
  • Validate your business at a higher level
  • Monitor what is being said about your business
  • Activities and strategies to grow your audience
  • Ad campaigns to market your business
  • Reporting of campaign results

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Content MarketingContent Marketing
  • Articles written about your business or industry
  • Create and email marketing promotions
  • Professional newsletters created and emailed
  • Organic search elevation strategies

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