How Many Reviews Does Your Business Actually Need?


You don’t need us to tell you that online reviews are important for your business. You already know you need reviews. 

But, did you know  91 percent of consumers read reviews when they want to make a purchase? Or that 51 percent of consumers are more likely to choose local businesses if they see positive reviews of that business online? . 

We've already touched on how much reviews are worth for your business, but do you know how many reviews your business actually needs? Well, the answer depends on your online marketing goals.

How many reviews does it take to generate consumer trust?

Eighty four percent of consumers trust reviews from strangers as much as they trust people they know. I'm not sure whether they all have shady friends or they just believe everything they read online. Either way, those reviews are important. 

So, how many online reviews do they need to read before they’ll trust your business? A recent study found that 28 percent of consumers trust a business after reading 2-3 reviews, while 36 percent will trust a business after reading 4-6 reviews. 

This means that most people will trust your business after reading six or fewer reviews, but they’ll form an opinion after reading just one. That one review isn’t going to generate trust, but it will give consumers the chance to judge your business. 

In fact, pretty much no one (4 percent) will trust a business after reading just one review. They want to see (but not necessarily read) more than that. And if a local business has 10 reviews, most consumers won’t look any further. So, with that being said, your first benchmark should be generating 10 reviews on your local listing pages.


How many reviews do I need on Google and Yelp?

Google Reviews:

If you want Google to display your reviews in searches and Maps, you’ll need at least five, but it’s also helpful if you have more reviews than your competitors (and depending on your industry, your competitors may have quite a few reviews).

And if you have an online store and you want your Google seller rating to show up in AdWords campaigns, you need at least 30, over the last 12 months (and at least a 3.5 star rating).


Yelp Reviews:

There’s no magic number of Yelp reviews to improve your ranking, but more is better (especially since Yelp’s filter will only allow a fraction of those reviews to show up on your Yelp page). And even if you do have a lot of Yelp reviews, there are other things you’ll need to do to improve your ranking: 

Make sure your business’s Yelp profile is complete. Also check that your address and hours are correct, and add pics. According to Yelp, if your business has 10 photos and 1-5 reviews, it’ll get 200 percent more views than a business with the same amount of reviews and no photos. Users will also spend more time on your Yelp page if you have pics. And make sure you don’t add anything that violates Yelp’s guidelines.

How many reviews does it take to improve conversions and drive website traffic?

Just a few reviews can drive traffic to your website. After you have eight or more, the site will start to see growth in organic search traffic. And every single review matters. One review can increase conversion by 10 percent, and once you get more than 100 reviews, the conversion rate can be boosted by up to 37 percent.

This number rises as you get more reviews. Consumer reviews also make up about 8 percent of how search engines decide to rank the site in local search results. 

And remember, a lack of reviews is just one of the reasons your business isn’t being found online.


Source: Social Times - Social Media Reviews Drive E-commerce Conversion

What do consumers look for when reading reviews?

Reviews should be recent (no older than six months) or most consumers will consider them irrelevant, so you should be managing your reputation by asking customers to share their experiences. Seriously, make sure your review marketing strategy is consistently generating new reviews, because reviews have a limited shelf life.

Star rating is important too. In fact, star rating is the number one factor used by consumers to judge a business. Only 14 percent of consumers would consider using a business that only has a 1-2 star rating. This means your business needs to generate three star reviews or better (57 percent of consumers say they will use a business with at least three stars).

If you haven’t already, it’s critical for you to implement a review generating and marketing strategy for your business. To learn more, see how our review marketing platform, Renown, can help your business generate reviews while protecting your online reputation.

Meet Renown: Review Marketing & Reputation Management

Content Writer: Isabella Andersen Isabella Andersen Senior Content Writer

nice but...

what if your business has not reviews? Should I not trust or yes trust?

Sunday, April 02, 2017 by Michael

Number of Reviews

Hi Michael,
Since the statistics say that consumers need to read at least 2-3 reviews before they'll trust a business, I'd say most people won't trust a business without any reviews.

Monday, April 03, 2017 by Isabella


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