Facebook purchases WhatsApp

Facebook, one of the largest and most dominating social media networks, recently purchased WhatsApp for $19 billion. WhatsApp is a five-year-old mobile messaging app that currently has about 450 million users globally. Prior to the Facebook purchase, What

Why Paid Advertising is Important for Mobile

It's official, smartphones and tablets have taken over desktop computers. Here is that latest telling statistic: According to a study by email firm Marketing Ink, almost 65 percent of commercial emails were opened on smartphones and tablets. This num

Using Google Analytics to Build a Better Blog

Building a successful blog or website takes more than just knowledge and passion. Yes, those are important, but ultimately, if you really want traffic coming to your website, you have to use the tools available to you. Fortunately, unlike many other indus

Don't Make These Internet Marketing Mistakes

Proper use of SEO techniques is essential for small businesses to broaden their client base and increase profits. It can also be overwhelming. There are several mistakes that small businesses unknowingly make that hurt their SEO rankings and reduce their

The True Effectiveness of Local Search Marketing

Local search marketing is becoming increasingly important. With more people using the Internet on a daily basis, it's becoming increasingly important for businesses to tap into what it is that consumers are searching for. In turn, businesses can then crea
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  • Campbell Appliance Heating & Air Campbell Appliance Heating & Air partnered with RevLocal to improve their PPC results. RevLocal initiated many strategic changes including campaigns targeted only at mobile searchers with click to call functionality. Campbell Appliance Heating & Air
  • Comfort Dental Comfort Dental partnered with RevLocal to grow the online presence of his 4 dental offices in the Columbus, Ohio area. Comfort Dental
  • V&V Jewelry V&V Jewelry partnered with RevLocal to grow V&V Jewelry’s online presence and gain new customers. V&V Jewelry
  • Muetzel Plumbing & Heating Muetzel Plumbing & Heating partnered with RevLocal to grow Muetzel Plumbing & Heating’s online presence and gain new customers. Muetzel Plumbing & Heating