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Please join us for a free 30 minute webinar to learn about the importance of online reviews, how to generate more and ways to protect your business from bad reviews.

Reviews are one of the most important factors for consumers when selecting a business. But as beneficial as reviews are, they can also be frustrating. During this webinar, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about online reviews and how to build a successful review marketing strategy.

The topics we'll review:

1. Leveraging Word of Mouth Marketing
Consumers are using online reviews to make purchase decisions. We’ll show you the financial impact of online reviews, why star ratings matter more than you think and how your reviews are influencing your potential customers.

2. How More Reviews Lead to More Customers
Reviews not only impact purchase decisions, they also impact your online ranking. We’ll show you how different search engines reward online reviews and the most important directories that your business needs to target.

3. Review Generation Strategies That Actually Work
How many reviews does your business need? We’ll show you some proven strategies for consistently generating positive online reviews from your most satisfied customers and how a little disruption is the key to maintaining a fresh online reputation.

4. How to Respond to Bad Reviews
Bad reviews happen, but how should you respond to them? We’ll show you why bad reviews can actually be a good opportunity and how you can minimize the impact of bad reviews by keeping your cool when handling the haters.

5. The Lifetime Value of Your Customers
How much is one customer worth to your business? We’ll show you how to maximize the customer data you already have, how to determine your review marketing ROI and the impact that one happy customer can have on your business.

Meet your speakers:

Aaron Boggs - President
Aaron Boggs - President
Aaron Boggs is the President at RevLocal, leading the organization's operations, culture and innovation. Aaron is committed to creating value for our clients, opportunities for our associates, and to leading the evolution of digital marketing for SMBs.
David Jackson - Director of Client Strategy
David Jackson - Director of Client Strategy
David Jackson is the Director of Client Strategy atRevLocal, and is responsible for the development and execution of our digitalmarketing strategies to ensure quality and value for our clients.
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