The Social Side of Affiliate Marketing

The Social Side of Affiliate Marketing

Content Writer: Ben Dean Ben Dean Chief Data Officer

Social media can be dicey for affiliate marketers, and many consumers have re-evaluated their online interactions when faced with prominent online marketers.

Social media is a powerful tool for any online marketer, and affiliate marketing has a place within its realm. Many misconceptions do, however, exist about the combination. Misconceptions often arise through these mistakes and interactions:

  • Affiliate codes mixed with popular social media websites
  • Inclusion of other professional sites on retail websites, like Amazon and eBay
  • Non-disclosure between affiliated websites

Remaining Sincere and Effective

Where affiliate marketing is concerned, industry leaders needn’t bow to untried and untrue rumors. As far as affiliate marketing goes, decision-makers can maintain a powerful access point to the industry by being sincere.

Full disclosure, too, is important, as it ensures consumers of attached entities. For websites like Twitter and Facebook, transparency is key, as online consumers will likely find any hint of affiliate marketing. For user-generated pages, content and links, accessing an all-encompassing plan is vital.

Again, if you’re planning on using affiliate links, provide full disclosure. As Social Times puts it, “For the most part, customers are not aware whether publishers are being compensated just for advertising ‘real estate’ or getting a piece of the action.” The consumer won’t understand marketing tactics, and it’s not your job to enlighten them. It is, however, your responsibility to provide information.

Hold the Commercial Overtones

When accessing affiliate marketing through social media, pure information is a key component, but personal communication is incredibly important, too. When affiliate links are provided to present purely informational content, the consumer will feel cheated, and the campaign’s transparency will be lost.

Discretion is incredibly important, and social media may still be a valuable resource for affiliate links. Above all, however, industry planners should always disclose important information while providing relevant content.

Additionally, customer interaction should be a chief virtue. Thoughtful reviews are nice, and honest contact will contribute to purchasing decisions more than sloppily placed affiliate links. To read up on the importance of a visually appealing platform, head over to Visual Trends and Content Marketing: Where Aesthetics Shine. Or, to learn about the evolving accessibility of mobile devices, check out 4 Benefits of a Responsive Design for Mobile-Friendly Users.

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Social media is a powerful tool for any online marketer

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Affiliate Marketing

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