Online Marketing: Where Appearances Matter the Most

Online Marketing: Where Appearances Matter the Most

Content Writer: Mike Cook Mike Cook Senior Director of Sales Support & Marketing

If you grew up hearing the phrases, "It is what's on the inside that matters," or "Don't judge a book by its cover," there is wisdom in those adages -- sometimes. It's important to know that when it comes to online marketing that appearances do matter.  In fact, within scant seconds of looking at your page or ad, visitors will determine a number of things.  When you consider that 94 percent of businesses that advertise consider Facebook to be one of their three major platforms, you begin to seen how keen the competition is for keeping a visitor on your page, reports RevNews

They're going to know within milliseconds if the appearance appeals to them. Visitors will decide how educated you appear to be, based upon the use of proper grammar, visuals, and layout of your virtual storefront. Most important, they will decide whether they want to stay long enough to learn more.  In order to lure visitors into staying, there are a number of things you can do.

Create a Clear Message

People want to know that they're in the right place. If they're looking for a plumber, they don't want to waste time on a hair stylist's site or ad.  Make clear the service you provide so that people don't have to wade through content to find the answer.  

Keep it Clean

Readers don't like to be overloaded visually. Keep the look of your web page or advertisement clean and simple.  They also recommend that you use a graphic grid to ensure that everything is laid out in an orderly fashion. Don't fill the page with writing that they will need to wade through. People are busy, and frankly, want to know what you offer without having to work for it.   

Make it Visually Interesting

People are naturally drawn to pictures, so add a photograph or illustration when possible. Each page or ad should feature one graphic element that is large, because it improves the visual flow of the design.

The Importance of Fonts

Choose a font that is easy on the eye, and as suggested by Oklahoma State University, never use more than two fonts. Adding more clutters up the look of the ad or web page. The University has found that people who feel they have to "decipher" a message are less likely to spend time looking at it.   

The Value of a Well-Chosen Word

Oklahoma State University has also compiled a list of words that seem to resonate most strongly with readers, words that pull them into the page. Those words are: you, benefits, money, why, discovery, health, love, easy, free, startling, save, fast, guaranteed, revealed, results, sale, proven, secrets, safety, new, and yes.

While using particular words may seem like a frivolous venture, any edge can help as you head into the holiday season and the crucial sales bump normally experienced by savvy advertisers.  

The ultimate idea is to create an ad or website that would appeal to you if you were a visitor rather than host. You potentially have only one opportunity to get your message across so it's important to make the strongest possible impression.  



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