Social SEO increasingly important

Social SEO increasingly important

Content Writer: Matt Rowe Matt Rowe Chief Technical Officer

While you probably put a lot of emphasis on your local SEO by consistently posting new content, using strong keywords and practicing good linking habits, those may not be the only areas you need to focus on. Social media is a huge opportunity for business owners who don't yet have profiles or are signed up for the websites but don't have an active presence.

Your strong SEO tactics are as important as ever, especially as search engines continually update their algorithms to weed out websites using black-hat techniques. However, your Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus accounts are now equally important in the SEO equation. It's important to optimize your social media accounts just as you would blog posts or webpages in order to get the best possible rankings in search results pages.

Keywords are important
You're well-aware that you need to write keyword-rich content for your blog and website, but you can also employ this strategy to increase your social SEO. Work your targeted phrases into Facebook posts, tweets and Google Plus updates to ensure your pages are not only relevant to search engines, but also those seeking information from social media searches.

While you're working on a strategy to implement keywords into posts, don't forget to also ensure you mention your company name in updates as well. You may not have to mention your brand in every tweet if you don't want to, but omitting it entirely may not be the best idea if you're trying to improve your SEO via social media.

Create a plan of action
You may have blog articles scheduled to be posted twice a week to ensure your content is consistently updated, and there's no reason you shouldn't have a similar strategy for your social platforms. Keep your posts updated with keywords, links to relevant industry news and unique content to let search engines know you're an expert in the field with plenty of information to offer searchers.

Link from your homepage
A recent Forbes article advised business owners to link social accounts from a company webpage to ensure search engine crawlers can associate the profiles with a company. This will help your business increase rankings for the keywords you commonly use in your posts, a result every business owner is seeking.

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