New Twitter a boon for brands

New Twitter a boon for brands

Content Writer: Aaron Boggs Aaron Boggs President

For all the negative press Mark Zuckerberg and his team at Facebook get for their constant redesigns of the Facebook homepage, one has to admit that at the very least, it gets people talking. The redesigns keep users interested in the social network, and while it takes time to build up a comfort level with each change, people eventually adapt and recognize the new features are actually to their benefit.

So, on that note, let's talk about the new Twitter.

Twitter recently released a redesign for its site that, according to Twitter CEO Dick Costolo, gives brands a "much richer canvas" to promote and explain themselves, he told Search Engine Land.

The four main elements of the new site include the Home Timeline, the Connect button, the Discovery button and improved profile pages. Each has been modified with simplification in mind.

Home Timeline contains the "universe of the tweet," and delivery is allegedly 500 percent faster than it was before. Users can also embed code to allow tweets to be shown on blogs and websites.

The Connect button is sort of like an activity hub, allowing you to see who's followed you, mentioned you, or retweeted or favorited one of your tweets, according to the company's website for the redesign. Also, by entering a brand's @username into the search box, you can instantly find more information about it.

Discovery allows you to click or enter a hashtag to see content relevant to a story or category. You can search company names, topics, brands or keywords, while also viewing all the activities of the people you follow, Costolo told Search Engine Land.

Lastly, profile pages have been vastly improved. According to MarketingLand, they've added a more customizable background and room at the top of each page to post more brand identity content. Only a select few companies have been granted access to new Twitter's brand pages, but there are plans to roll them out to the masses in the near future.

The news source suggests that by adding enhanced brand pages, Twitter is directly mimicking (or attempting to outdo) Facebook and Google Plus when it comes to company representation. However, it's highly unlikely that businesses will completely abandon other social platforms in favor of Twitter's.

With the new moves, Twitter has positioned itself as a much stronger branding and promotional vehicle than it was before. 

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