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“We’ve seen an increase in phone calls, new patients and positive reviews. RevLocal is doing their job. It’s nice to have someone out there who is watching out for my business online.”

Dr. Ray Morgan - Owner, Art of Cosmetic Dentistry

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Create a digital marketing strategy to increase the overall web presence for
Art of Cosmetic Dentistry

The Art of Cosmetic Dentistry in Atlanta, GA needed a digital marketing partner they could trust. Their business listings had incorrect information all across the internet. Dr. Morgan had several different companies working on his marketing strategy. His goal was to work with one company who did the work for him and helped him understand what was happening.

RevLocal has been successful in helping this Family Dentist office not only grow new patients but continue to evolve a proactive strategy. Angela Robley, is the Digital Marketing Strategist from RevLocal, who works directly with Dr. Morgan and his office manager. They have a monthly call to discuss traffic, analytics and ROI.

Digital Marketing Strategist

My name is Angela, I’m Dr. Morgan’s Digital Marketing Strategist. With RevLocal’s relationship based marketing approach I’m able to create value and communicate it. I am a part of his ROI.

Cosmetic Dentistry Digital Marketing

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Art of Cosmetic Dentistry Digital Marketing

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