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“The digital world constantly changes. As a small business owner, there is no way I can keep up with it. That’s why we chose RevLocal to support us. We have had amazing growth during our first two years in business, and RevLocal has played a big role in that success.”

Mark Placenti - Co-Owner, Cycle614

Our Objective

Create a digital marketing strategy to increase the overall web presence for Cycle614.

Cycle614 brought us a strong brand and unique concept, and we have been able to take that vision and position Cycle614 in front of their target audience online.

Business owners often struggle to keep up with digital marketing changes, but Mark’s dedicated digital strategist stays ahead of trends and uses them to Cycle614’s advantage.

Mark’s passion for his brand is evident, and he is very goal oriented. We continually evaluate Cycle614’s marketing success to make sure we meet those goals. Our team of industry experts can collaborate and quickly execute changes to provide Cycle614 with the best digital marketing strategies.

Digital Marketing Strategist

My name is Lindsay, Mark’s Digital Marketing Strategist. With RevLocal’s relationship based marketing approach I’m able to create value and communicate it. I am a part of his ROI.

Building a Better Digital Presence for Cycle614

Building a Better Digital Presence for Cycle614

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