RevLocal Columbus Reviews:

Richard LeRoy
Emily Decker, (my Rev local rep) is phenomenal. Rev local is lucky to have such a talented and kind employee. Much more than words can express. I am an old school attorney that is somewhat of a cyber neophyte. Emily constantly tolerates all my questions and explains things in detail. If I need her to walk me through something step by step, she willing does so with a smile and a joke. :) I started with a tiny budget. Rev local did not care. They have always treated me like I was paying millions. they really make you feel like they are there to help, not just take your budget and punch in the numbers. Rev noticed that the personality of my first rep did not match mine very well. No problems. We just didn't match. It happens. This is where I was extremely impressed with what they did next. Sarah (another fantastic employee), found me Emily. What a superstar! She is perfect for me. She more than tolerates my bad jokes, control freak nature and impatience. She digests it all with ease. Emily explains all new programs and makes suggestions on what we could do different or better each month. She makes me feel confident that my account is important and is tended to often. Emily does everything possible to stretch my budget down to the penny. I can not say enough good things about her. I have increased my budget 500% since I started with rev. The exposure and results are coming in. If your just starting out or have a million dollar budget, this is the place. They will make sure they fit your needs, not cram you into a round hole when you obviously are a different shape. Sign up and find your Emily. ( NO! you can not have mine). You wont regret it. Richard LeRoy Universal Defense
date 3/21/2020
robb fishman
The best of the best!!!!! They changed my life completely and I'm not saying that lightly. Im a chiropractor in monroeville PA. im old school and was stubborn to the internet . chris jacobson met me, educated me and assured me id see change. boy was he right!!! now my practice is overflowing with new patients. ive referred them to at least 5 of my friends who also loves them. if you don't hire these guys you are losing out on potential wealth in your business. Jason is the go to guy to get your page going. he's patient, kind courteous and knowledgable .
date 9/10/2019
Matt Shelley
Great! I don't know how many "cold calls" I get from companies trying to teach me how to run my business. RevLocal is different. JT Sampson and Rebekka are very personable and have helped me navigate google and have provided worthwhile services that work!!
date 6/25/2019
Kimbelry Hoffmann
I reached out for RevLocal for help. Wendy took the time to meet with me and explain how all this works! She was very helpful in making marketing decisions for us. I would recommend Wendy to anyone who needs more internet presence.
date 2/19/2019
james thomas
Interesting place on digital
date 1/19/2019

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