Adoption Connection Client Testimonial

Adoption Connection Client Testimonial


Sherry and Robin's goals for Adoption Connection PA are to foster a hope and future for children, but marketing is not their forte. That's why they knew they needed someone to partner with. Enter RevLocal. 

At Adoption Connection PA, the team works with adoptive and foster parents, children and birth families and tries to find homes for kids in needs.

Before signing on with RevLocal, people were having a hard time finding their adoption agency. After signing on, they begin working with seven birth moms within the first two to three months.

Robin tells us that because of our marketing services, they can do their job, take care of the kids, support the families they help and not be worried about what the marketing piece is looking like. 

Both Sherry and Robin are leaving their digital marketing up to their strategist and appreciate the availability and convenience of using the services that RevLocal offers.

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