Ngenius College and Test Prep: Real Tutoring Center Marketing Results

Ngenius College and Test Prep: Real Tutoring Center Marketing Results

Shaping young minds takes a lot of work, which is why Leigh DePoyster realized she needed someone to partner with when it came to managing her tutoring center's online presence.

Although Leigh and her husband, co-owners of Ngenius College and Test Prep, worked in the business for three years before purchasing it, they didn't realize how much work had to go into their online presence. With only 24 hours in a day, seven days in a week, small business owners can’t do it all.

After Leigh and her husband purchased the business, all email addresses, website addresses and phone numbers needed to be changed for three different branches. That's where RevLocal has been able to help!

Having a partner to help manage and optimize their listings was the tutoring center's goal. However, having a dedicated strategist who understands education as well as how to run an education business was a critical component to Leigh.

She knew that our industry-experienced digital marketing strategists would be able to put her tutoring center on the map and create an ongoing strategy to manage the business's online presence.

As a business owner, Leigh says that RevLocal has been the best decision she has made thus far.

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