Google's New 'Not Secure' Alert & What We're Doing About It

Google's New 'Not Secure' Alert & What We're Doing About It

Did you know that Google is now marking HTTP sites as 'Not Secure'?

In this episode of our Marketing Refresh, we're going to talk about what this means for your business as well as the steps we're taking to upgrade our clients to HTTPS.

The difference between HTTP and HTTPS is simple: the 'S' in HTTPS stands for "secure," making HTTPS the secure way to send data over the Internet. This means that all communications between the user's browser and your website are encrypted, making the transition to HTTPS extremely important for businesses that handle sensitive information.

Even if your site doesn't handle sensitive information, though, it's important that Chrome and local consumers know that your site is secure. Upgrading your site to HTTPS will help you build trust with search engines and people.

We've known that this update is coming for a while, so we have been taking steps to make sure all our clients' RevSites are upgraded to HTTPS. So, as long as you're a RevLocal client, you're covered.

Contact your marketing strategist with any questions you may have about your site's security.

Or, check out this post for more information about the RevLocal RevSite and how it can help your business.