Webinar: Top 5 Digital Marketing Strategies for 2016

Webinar: Top 5 Digital Marketing Strategies for 2016

About: Maybe you've noticed, but digital marketing trends change quickly. Is your business keeping up with consumer behavior? After much research, we've put together our list of the five most important digital marketing trends that will make the biggest impact on your business in 2016.
Duration: 36 minutes

What You'll Learn

1. Mastering Your Online Appearance

Consumers are making purchase decisions based on your business’s online appearance. We’ll show you how you can drastically improve your business’s local listings, online reviews and social media pages to appeal to more customers.

2. Embracing The New Digital Buying Cycle

Mobile has caused a major shift in consumer behavior. Do you know the digital path to purchase that your customers take? We’ll show you how your business can better influence consumer behavior by marketing to micro-moments (Google’s new theme).

3. Using Analytics to Increase Opportunity

Today, there is more data available to your business than ever before, but what are you doing with it? We’ll show you how to leverage your business’s key marketing analytics to create a more successful and cost-effective digital marketing strategy.

4. Avoiding Fragmented Marketing

One platform, one tool or one marketing strategy is not enough in today’s digital world. It causes marketing fragmentation, which means lost opportunity. We’ll show you how to diversify your digital marketing strategy to reach more customers and maximize your return.

5. Connecting, Local Mobile & Social

How easy is your business to work with online? To be successful at digital marketing, your business must adopt the “LoMoSo” method. We’ll show you how to simplify your digital marketing approach to make your business easier to work with across devices and platforms.

Aaron Boggs - President
Aaron Boggs - President
Aaron Boggs is the President at RevLocal, leading the organization's operations, culture and innovation. Aaron is committed to creating value for our clients, opportunities for our associates, and to leading the evolution of digital marketing for SMBs.

David Jackson - Senior Director of Technology Enablement
David Jackson - Senior Director of Technology Enablement
David Jackson is the Director of Client Strategy at RevLocal, and is responsible for the development and execution of our digital marketing strategies to ensure quality and value for our clients.

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