Podcast: The 2020 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch For

Podcast: The 2020 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch For

2019 brought many new changes and optimizations to digital marketing, but you should have your sight set on what's to come in 2020! 

In this episode of Marketing Revelations, our hosts discuss the trends we're expecting to see in 2020 and the impact they will make on business owners. This is a can't-miss episode of our podcast, so click play on the video to start watching:

Here's a brief summary of the trends Megan and Kristen talked about in this episode:

  • Voice search (Almost 20 percent of online searches will be completed through voice search in 2020)
  • Social strategies (Instagram and Facebook Stories and user-generated content)
  • Influencer marketing (You don't have to have a huge following)
  • Ad strategy (How the types of ads are changing with the generations)

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