Podcast: 3 Simple Things Businesses Need to Know ft. Yext's Christian Ward

Podcast: 3 Simple Things Businesses Need to Know ft. Yext's Christian Ward

When it comes to marketing, there are several beneficial tactics that business owners aren't incorporating into their strategy.

In this special episode of Marketing Revelations, RevLocal's President sat down with Christian Ward, the Chief Data Officer at Yext, to find out what business owners should include in their strategy.

As a business owner, here are the three marketing tactics/tips you should consider:

  1. Share your story. Show consumers why you are unique! By adding a humanized element to your business, consumers will want to choose you over the competition. 
  2. Utilize the "People Also Ask" box in Google. Find out what questions people are asking by doing a quick Google search for your business. This gives you the opportunity to create content that answers these questions.
  3. Invest in your brand. Creating awareness is the first step of investment, but building trust is one of the most important factors of your marketing.

Thanks for watching this special episode of our podcast. If you have any questions about what Aaron or Christian discussed, please send us an email to podcasts@revlocal.com

About Christian Ward

Christian Ward is the Executive Vice President and Chief Data Officer at Yext focused on the expanding applications of knowledge graphs and data asset optimization. His focus is to help Yext clients identify, value and structure their knowledge graphs to maximize their data value. 

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Good work

Good work keep it up

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