Ask Us Anything: Medical

Digital marketing for medical professionals such as doctors, dentists and optometrists can be tricky, especially when you add paid advertising to the mix. In this episode of Ask Us Anything: Medical, our Digital Marketing Strategists answer all your medical digital marketing questions about the importance of online reviews, why your medical ads might be rejected and more.
Watch this video to learn the answers to these questions:
  • How is a doctor listing different from a practice listing?
  • How does the referral and buying cycle work online for medical clients?
  • How do you track leads in office?
  • Why are Demandforce and Healthgrade reviews not as important as Google and Yelp?
  • Why do I need a professional to run medical paid ads? Why are my ads always rejected?
In this video, you'll learn how your doctor listing and your practice listing on Google affect each other, why your medical practice absolutely needs a digital presence and much more!
For more information on review marketing, please check out our webinar: 5 Secrets for Generating Online Reviews.


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