5 Ways to Immediately Improve Your Paid Advertising Strategy


About: Paid advertising is a great way to jumpstart your online marketing strategy, like a digital espresso, but that’s only if you’re using it effectively. During this 30 minute webinar, our Google certified experts will give you five proven ways to immediately improve your paid advertising strategy.




What' You'll Learn:

1. Website & Landing Page Conversion Optimization:
You spend a lot of money driving prospects to your website and landing pages, but is your website built to convert? We’ll show you how to track customers from click to sale and how to optimize your website to increase your conversion rate.
2. Creating a Cross Platform & Cross Channel Strategy:
Google AdWords is the most popular paid advertising platform for small businesses, but we’ll show you why there is a considerable advantage in diversifying your paid advertising strategy on other platforms like Facebook, Bing, Yahoo and YouTube.
3. Retargeting: How to Easily Convert More Leads:
Did you know that 98 percent of consumers leave a website without converting? That’s a lot of wasted opportunity (and dollars). We’ll show you how a retargeting strategy will extend the buying window and increase your conversion rate. 
4. Get Social With Strategic Facebook Advertising:
Advertising spend on Facebook continues to surge but what are those boosted posts actually getting you aside from a few more likes? We’ll show you how to avoid wasting money and how to set up an effective Facebook advertising campaign.
5. Don't Underestimate the Value of Branding:
Paid advertising is a metric focused strategy, and rightly so, but there is also a tremendous amount of hidden benefits. We’ll show you how branding can be one of the most valuable side effects of a well-organized paid advertising campaign.