Facebook, Google Maps converge for localized daily deals

Back in August, Facebook did away with its daily deals service, stating that Groupon had essentially cornered the market, AllFacebook reports. However, Facebook has returned to the space via a third party, the Daily Deals Agency, to launch a new daily deals network that uses Google Maps Marketing to accurately find discounts in a user's neighborhood.

"Our Facebook Marketplace Network is designed to simplify the customer's shopping experience," said Daily Deals Agency CEO and founder Stephen Schramke. "Instead of having to sort through dozens of emails notifying them daily of individual deals, they can see all of the offers for their city presented in an easy-to-browse format."

He adds that because the network is based on Facebook, no extra registration is required, providing "unprecedented convenience for Facebook members who shop daily deals and the companies that want to engage with them."

The Facebook Marketplace Network will offer access to daily discounts from more than 500 companies, presented both by category and location.

According to WebProNews, the system works by letting users first locate their city's Daily Deals Marketplace on Facebook, where they'll see an accompanying interactive map displaying a multitude of tabs that list the day's deals.

By zooming in on colored beacons placed on Google Maps of the user's location, they'll be able to see an expansive number of Google's familiar red pins with hyperlinks that can be clicked on to view the deals.

Currently, the service is available in just 40 cities, many of which are larger metropolitan areas, and users can type "(city name) daily deals" into the Facebook search bar to find out if their city has qualified.

DailyDealMedia explains that the interactive approach is rarely seen in a Facebook-Google partnership, and notes that because Groupon's model was so widely accepted and utilized, it's possible that the Facebook Marketplace Network will have the same success.

However, there has been some recent Groupon backlash about privacy concerns, spam emails and the fact that daily deals may actually have a negative effect on customer loyalty. Facebook and Google Maps' iteration solves that problem by letting the consumers find the deals instead of forcing the deals on the consumer.