Google+ adoption still uncertain

Social Media Examiner's recent survey of marketers and business owners revealed that Google+ adoption is nowhere near that of Twitter and Facebook.

Specifically, Facebook usage among marketers was highest at 92 percent. Twitter (82 percent) followed, and then LinkedIn (73 percent), blogs (61 percent) and YouTube (57 percent).

Google+ registered at 40 percent, barely above photo sharing sites (38 percent) like up-and-coming Pinterest.

However, adoption may grow in the future. Sixty-seven percent of respondents said they plan to increase their usage of Google's social network in 2012. Eleven percent said they plan on staying the same, while just 1 percent had plans to decrease. Less than one quarter (21 percent) stated they don't have plans to utilize it at all.

According to the Sysomos blog, Google+ pages might help drive adoption, as the site "provide(s) companies with a vehicle to marry social media and search, which is a good thing given the growing emergence of social signals in search."

Yet, companies may still be wary about using the social platform, fearing it may not draw enough users to make having a page valuable, and thus become a waste of resources.