Google Alerts back on track

Local search marketers may have noticed Google Alerts' poor performance in the past few months and wondered when the feature was going to retain full functionality. Search Engine Land just reported that Alerts seems to be back up and running smoothly. While Google won't confirm that any changes have been made, SEL editor Danny Sullivan says there seems to be improvements.

The change occurred on April 1 and is seemingly retrieving new content for users like it did before the problems. Sullivan stated that the service was working just as good as any of the alternatives marketers have come up with. This will also affect how users hear the latest news on the brands they keep tabs on with Alerts.

Companies can take advantage of Google Alerts and use it to attract interested prospects now more than ever. Business 2 Community suggested that marketers can keep track of company mentions with Google Alerts, comments on the products or services the company carries, competitor news and other industry happenings. These tactics will help companies stay on top of the latest trends and provide new marketing opportunities within their target communities.