Local SEO trends in 2013 thus far

There have been many changes to search engine optimization strategies already this year, and marketers have had to make adjustments to their campaigns - a majority of them for the better. Local SEO is playing a huge role in how marketers connect with quality leads, and search engines are making improvements daily to make user experience more relevant. Garnering interest on a local level allows for a more defined audience, and keeping track of the latest Google rollouts and other search engine adjustments will keep small businesses competing on a higher level.

Understanding SEO trends
Taking SEO to the next level will require special attention to website visitors and understanding how they want to interact on the company website. Marketing Pilgrim offered a few updates on 2013 SEO trends, saying guest posts, citations, press releases and social media all impact how sites rank. What all of these factors have in common is how they affect the way prospects view the site and the brand. Strong content engages readers more, brand mentions outside of the website help build a more in-depth impression of the company, and social media allows for interaction on more than one platform for diverse audiences. Taking the time to establish a higher author rank, something Google is looking into as of late to make sites more reputable, will solidify a successful future for the website.

But marketers need to realize that the process of gaining a good reputation is not an overnight thing. Showing up on regular Google searches or having a high local search rank needs to happen thoroughly over time in order for the website to be seen in a positive light by search engines.

Focus on the bigger picture
Search Engine Journal reported on a recent comment by Google's Matt Cutts that pointed to the importance of longevity on the internet. Cutts stated that marketers' time should be spent curating quality content, connecting with industry professionals and working on achieving company vision. This especially does not mean checking rankings everyday and basing strategies on the small increments daily checks provide. Only seeing the smaller picture can lead to content seeing good ranking for a few days and then falling flat a few weeks later. The bigger picture will give companies more insight about industry trends and where to take the next step for future success.