Why Analytics are Crucial to Online Marketing

Your Freshly Launched Online Marketing Campaign

You recently started a social media campaign for your business and now you are wondering, "why is my business not getting likes and shares?" Most people often find themselves stuck during this time. Truth of the matter is when it comes to monitoring your social media campaign, you need to track your analytics. Bing and Google provide webmaster tools to make this all possible. However, without proper knowledge of how to use such tools, they serve your business no good.

The Stages of Analytics for Business Growth

To get a better feel of how analytics work, here are the four stages of analytics your business should go through. According to Mashable.com, every small business must follow the same steps in order to grow their online presence effectively. There may not be guaranteed results; however, there is a step-by-step process that, if followed correctly, will help you achieve your desired results.

  1. Reaching Your Audience - Marketing firms understand where your content should be to reach your target audience. They know which platforms to use, online marketing trends, and which posts will bring the most traffic to your page.  
  2. Marketers not only study who is liking your page and why, but they predict future trends that will most likely take place. You can act as a "market analyzer" yourself by following your content's insights. The key is to understand what they mean.
  3. Identify Trend Patterns - By using analytics, you are able to identify your audience's behavior patterns. You will take note of what they share, the time of day they share it, and which posts perform better than others.
  4. ROI aka Return on Investment - The reason behind a social media campaign is to increase business, correct? That would make perfect sense why you would expect a return on your investment. By tracking analytics, you can help determine how many of your fans are producing leads, how many have a genuine desire in your business, and which fans are converted into sales.

Analytics as Part of Your Overall Online Marketing Strategy

Now that you understand how important analytics are for your business, you can implement them with other online marketing techniques. Following current marketing trends will help you with your overall online marketing campaign. More so, it will keep you informed with which analytics to target and when. If Facebook is running a promotion on ads and you would like to boost your total amount of likes, it is logical to track your dollars spent. Although some may debate between content marketing versus paid ads, the truth is either way it all boils down to your analytics. If you are not producing results via paid ads, then maybe your content needs some fine-tuning.

The Conclusion

Upon reading this post you may have some questions. It is not rocket science to set up a social media campaign; however. it seems to get a little tricky once your online marketing campaign starts to gain traction. In the event you are having a decrease in traffic, ask yourself one question, "how are my analytics doing today?"