Siri may redefine local search

Voice recognition software isn't a new development. However Apple's Siri application for iPhone 4s features a compelling addition that may affect a business' local search results, ClickZ reports.

The news source notes that previous voice recognition software was embedded into single programs and produced only one type of result. Siri is integrated in the phone's operating system, enabling a plethora of programs and apps to sprout up when provided with different commands.

Siri is important for local search because because Apple is leveraging Google Maps. This means that companies must make sure their names, addresses and phone numbers are updated and completed so they're visible during searches.

As the news source adds, Siri makes use of Yelp reviews when responding to general voice queries. Thus, a business owner may want to evaluate Yelp reviews to ensure specific keywords are contained in the feedback so their business ranks higher on Siri's results.

Business2Community adds that Yelp's inclusion in Siri searches may have come in response to Google isolating its reviews strictly to Google users.