Expert shares tips for YouTube, social media

James Schramko, CEO of SuperFastBusiness, recently shared some tips on how companies can leverage a more balanced approach to local SEO campaigns using tools such as YouTube and social media for online marketing.

According to Schramko, online marketers can use YouTube videos to capture audience interest, improve engagement with online consumers and provide pertinent content to viewers. If a video is strategically crafted, it can create an immediate response and exponentially increase online traffic, business and online visibility for a company.

A quality online video marketing tool should be short and packed with information. The video should be uploaded to YouTube, embedded onto a website and then published on other sites to increase SEO.

“If it’s really good, other people might embed your videos on their site," Schramko explained. "This is something I’ve noticed with my own videos, bringing my channel up to around the 10,000 views mark since we changed strategy just a few weeks ago.”

YouTube ranking factors
There are other rankings that are important for companies implementing social components into their SEO and online marketing campaigns. When designing a video for YouTube, companies should consider several ranking factors that can determine where it appears on the video channel.

Jeff McRitchie from explained how YouTube ranks video content after analyzing many facets of its content, such as title, description and tags. If the video is not appropriately titled, it will be hard to locate within the index based on commonly searched terms. The title should name a common theme from the video that viewers may remember or be seeking.

McRitchie explained the description of a video is also important as it tells people what they will watch, and provides added opportunities to explain the video for viewers and the website. The tags throughout the video should total at least 10, each providing relevant information to the content and supporting the description and title.

Online marketers should be wary of relying too heavily on the effect social media platforms, such as YouTube, will have on a company's online success.

Social media as strong as SEO
Schramko said metrics derived from activity on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ can provide valuable insight at the start of a local SEO campaign. These metrics, however, should be supported through other sources of promotion and a strong overall website.

In order for a website to maintain strong SEO, online marketing experts and employees should update and change content and media regularly to demonstrate to search engine algorithms that the website is valuable to the public and offers legitimate, relevant information. If a website has a number of spam or low-quality links that go unchanged for prolonged periods of time, search engines will consider the website of low quality as well and give it a low ranking.