SEO for SMBs

In the past, local SEO strategies may have been seen as a marketing tool for large corporations. In today's marketplace, companies of all sizes are developing SEO strategies to increase visibility to consumers and boost sales.

Jeremy Durant, a principal at a web design agency in San Diego, recently created some tips to help small businesses develop an online marketing plan to optimize their website with key search times. Companies are encouraged to develop an SEO strategy to meet the requirements set forth by the most popular search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. By adding specific keywords and rich media content to websites, companies of all sizes can improve their search engine ranking, increase traffic and drive sales. SEO strategies are now a critical component to marketing plans to help connect products or services to online consumers.

Durant recommends small businesses start their SEO tactics by developing a set of target keyword phrases that reflect the product or services offered and are commonly searched by consumers. The keywords should be specific enough to identify the company's industry, but not too niche so as to eliminate searches from consumers less familiar with the business. Companies must research what terms best fit their business and monitor their SEO rankings to adjust their strategies.

It is then key for companies to integrate keywords on their websites. Durant recommends adding keywords to tags, meta data, headers and content. There are also ways for companies to off-page optimize, such as by adding inbound links to a website from local listings, social media accounts or blog articles. This will drive a smaller amount of traffic but can increase SEO rankings overall.

Business 2 Community also emphasized the importance of SEO strategies for small business owners. SMBs should consider incorporating outbound links as well to their online marketing strategy. Each website page should have one external link to a website to boost SEO and create a strong reputation in the industry as a source of information. The outbound links can put one website above another on search engine rankings if the two websites have nearly identical keywords implemented in their content. The search engine website will then rank each website page with quality external links higher than pages without outbound links, creating an effortless way to increase online visibility.