The importance of website content

Duane Forrester from Bing recently spoke to the public about the importance of developing content marketing strategies when launching a local SEO campaign. Forrester noted a growing trend of online marketers basing their SEO strategies on inbound links to improve a website's search engine rankings. While inbound links are important, Forrester explains that a more well-rounded strategy will result in improved search engine rankings with a more sustainable SEO model.

Developing content
According to Forrester, online marketers should develop a content marketing strategy to establish a company or website as an authority in its industry. If the content on a website is considered valuable and legitimate, it will naturally start generating links and rise on search engine results pages.

Articles and website content that work to inform the viewer of a service or product will improve a brand's online reputation, making the website more appealing to search engine algorithms. The strong, authoritative content can also be shared via social media channels, further increasing the number of links being generated, boosting interactivity and driving website traffic. Social media fosters the sharing of information and ideas, thus, links to valuable online content will grow rapidly once it has been put forth in a social environment, Forrester explained.

“The point here is not to get caught up in one single aspect of the complex world of SEO,” Forrester noted. “Links, while still holding value, have evolved as signals over time. If we see a sudden appearance of obviously spammy links pointed at your site, and your site is otherwise showing a history of trustworthiness, {search engines are} most likely going to just ignore those links."

How content boosts SEO
Business 2 Community outlined the many ways content creation and updates on a website will improve SEO results on search engines. When a company works with an SEO specialist to continually develop unique content and media on a website, search engines will take notice and visibility will increase online.

The website explained search engines are on the hunt for fresh content that has been updated recently and offers a valuable benefit to the viewer. Websites looking to increase their content development should plan to update their posts frequently to keep the website's text pertinent to searches. The quality of the content is even more important than its frequency. Both the information on the website and the links to it must be high quality to illustrate the legitimacy of the company online. When the content is high quality, it will spread more rapidly via social media. If a company tries to pass off mediocre or generic information on social channels, users will identify the scam instantly and refuse to share the content.