Marketers should take note of football-related searches

Internet marketers who want to appeal to NFL fans should be aware of spikes in activity over the course of the season, Search Engine Watch reports.

There is a marked difference between the search habits for people who conduct searches for the term "NFL" or team name queries compared to fantasy football searchers.

NFL-based searches tend to spike in July during the start of training camp, and again in October, when most teams are still in the playoff race. There's a slight dip in November as teams begin to drop out, followed by a pickup in December as the playoffs begin. Advertisers who work with league sponsors, beer and auto companies and NFL apparel businesses should take note of this flow.

Fantasy footballers concentrate their activity in August and September when most drafts are held, followed by a steady decline thereafter. The news source found that 95 percent of total clickthroughs for fantasy football terms in September were organic, which means evergreen content should be an important part of a fantasy football marketer's national or local SEO strategy.

The Search Agents report that fantasy football players can use SEO-style analysis to win their leagues. For example, high-quality companies provide websites with worthwhile inbound links - an important factor in SEO. In contrast, good teams produce quality offensive players.