Google embraces mobile ads

Mobile search has grown five-fold over the past two years - a rate similar to that of the early days of desktop Google search, according to TechCrunch.

Mobile search ad request volume was more than twice as high in December 2011 than in December 2010. Realizing the demand, Google has begun looking for ways to give local internet marketers and advertisers better ways to connect with users via mobile search.

The search engine's mobile ad revenues reached $2.5 billion last year and are expected to reach around $5.8 billion in 2012. What's more, the company has seen more than a 50 percent increase in the number of AdWords advertisers with mobile optimized sites, as webmasters become privy to Google's preference toward optimization.

Another ad format - click-to-call - has seen growth on Google search ads as well. More than 500,000 advertisers use the service, and Google has seen an average of more than 10 million calls per month on its network.

Hoping not to be left behind, Facebook has begun trying to integrate ads onto its site, the Financial Times reports. Its Sponsored Stories feature has gone active on desktops, although the only ads it shows on mobile are the ones that tend to annoy viewers and are "disproportionally intrusive" on the minimized screen, according to the news source.