Hotel owners must recognize consumers' mobile trends

According to a recent poll conducted by hotelier revenue solution TravelClick, 43 percent of hotels plan to increase their mobile marketing budgets for 2012.

The poll also revealed that 34 percent expect to keep their marketing budgets the same as 2011, while a mere 3 percent plan to decrease their mobile marketing funds.

Jason Ewell, senior vice president of ecommerce at TravelClick, explained that according to Nielson data, around 40 percent of Western Europe and U.S. cellphone markets are dominated by smartphones. Recognizing this, hotel managers have begun to optimize their websites for mobile use in order to increase direct bookings.

"Not only are hoteliers increasing budgets for mobile websites and marketing, but they are also increasing staff in areas such as social media," Ewell added. "Hoteliers are recognizing how important mobile and social media are to guests, and they have begun to put more resources towards creating and maintaining these channels through staff additions and marketing increases."

A similar study by Sabre Travel Network found that 72 percent of business travelers want to be able to view hotels on a map using their mobile devices, 47 percent use their smartphones to view or receive advertisements and 66 percent are interested in making hotel reservations from their phones.