Mobile marketing shouldn't be ignored

According to a recent survey cited by Search Engine Watch, more than 50 percent of web designers neglected mobile browsers when developing site designs.

Cindy Krum, CEO of Mobile Moxie, explains ways to more effectively integrate mobile into a company's overall marketing campaign, as well as key mistakes to avoid.

According to Krum, webmasters should focus on building a site with a flexible template to accommodate different screen sizes. Many times, an "app-like" approach to mobile site design will be better received than attempting to mimic a desktop site.

Furthermore, the owner should be adept at advanced web design code, or he or she should hire someone who is. This means having a complete knowledge of XHTML, as well as working knowledge of HTML5 and AJAX.

In terms of marketing a mobile site, Krum suggests targeting existing customers first, since they'll be more inclined try the product. Using desktop sites as a marketing tool with screen shots and information is also recommended.

Search Engine Land adds that a targeted local SEO mobile campaign should be crafted to ensure a site is featured in Google's top spot. Because mobile users have a smaller viewing window, they're more likely to click on the first search result they see.