Study: Mobile marketing, blogs best ways to reach women consumers

According to the BlogHer Consumer Electronics Study, the majority of women make purchasing decisions based off of blog advice.

Specifically, 84 percent of the 37 million women surveyed by the female media network said they made technology purchases based off of blog posts. Social media was a distant second at 56 percent.

Furthermore, when faced off against each other, 69 percent of women said they relied on blogs, while just 53 percent preferred social networks such as Facebook.

"No one earns the trust of women online better than other women online, especially when you're talking about the devices she depends on to stay connected and productive," said Elisa Camahort Page, co-founder and COO of BlogHer. "The good news is that our Consumer Electronics Study provides insights into how best to resonate with women, and it's not on corporate sites, traditional or social."

Blogs are more effective for women consumers because, according to Branding Strategy insider, women are "looking for extra, emotional reasons why they should care about a brand." By reading personal blog updates (instead of automated branded messages) and interacting with others who have similar interests in the comments section, women feel more connected to a product and are thus more likely to make a purchase.

Other findings included the fact that 61 percent of women used manufacturers' websites "regularly" to obtain product information, although most stated they had little influence on final decisions.

Another popular way to find out about an item was to visit the physical store (74 percent), while consumer electronics review sites (51 percent), blog reviews (48 percent), social networks (29 percent), magazines (19 percent) mobile phone apps (15 percent) and Twitter (8 percent) were all less popular as product information outlets.

Mobile was viewed as an effective outlet to reach women consumers. Researchers found that 79 percent of respondents felt their mobile phones were "indispensable." Not far behind in terms of importance were laptops or computers (77 percent), while only 29 percent were adamant about having a television.

Additionally, the study revealed that in general, 60 percent of adults under the age of 50 use their mobile devices in some way during the purchasing process.

What all this data means to marketers is that creating an engaging blog that discusses products is likely necessary to target the female demographic, as is creating a mobile marketing campaign that's optimized and easy to navigate.