Realtime search to return using Google+ data, not Twitter

Google's Realtime search - a function which made the search engine more relevant during major world events - will return following a brief hiatus, Search Engine Watch reports. However Twitter will not be integrated.

Utilizing data taken from Google+, as well as a new internal search for users that lets them search the stream for interesting public posts, Google plans to revive its Realtime search, which will accompany functions such as Places and Images on the front page.

However, questions remain whether the offering will be as effective without Twitter's update stream. Mashable notes that after Google scrapped the feature in early July following its inability to come to terms with Twitter, it became far less effective.

"The value the product was providing was not enough," Google fellow Amit Singhal told the news source.

Marketing Pilgrim is not optimistic about Realtime's prospects without Twitter, either. The news source points out that the postings will likely resemble the kind seen on Facebook, which wasn't an effective real-time news source.