Ask Us Anything: Restaurants and Hospitality

Do restaurants and hotels really need a digital marketing strategy? And, how can you tell if your online marketing is working? In this episode of Ask Us Anything: Restaurants and Hospitality, our Digital Marketing Strategists answer all your local search marketing questions.
Press play to learn the answers to these questions and more:
  • Does my restaurant really need a blog and what would I write about?
  • I get hundreds of customers through my door each week. How do I know that my digital marketing efforts are working?
  • How do I use Facebook to its full potential? Should I boost my posts on Facebook?
  • Do you have any good ideas on how to promote a feature appetizer?
For more information on how to use social media marketing to promote your business online, please check out our webinar, 5 Hacks to Supercharge Your Facebook Marketing Strategy.


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