Amazon Ads: Expand Your Reach with RevLocal

Check out how RevLocal is leveraging Amazon Ads Sponsored Display for all to help local businesses grow.

Amazon Ads: Expand Your Reach with RevLocal's Pilot Program

Seeking greater visibility for your business? We're thrilled to share that RevLocal is collaborating with Amazon Ads to bring you their latest advertising opportunity – Sponsored Display for all businesses!

Until recently, Sponsored Display has only been available for brands selling products directly on the Amazon store. Now, RevLocal clients have an opportunity to unlock the power of Amazon Ads, even if you don’t sell in the Amazon store, through Sponsored Display.

*That the ads displayed here are for illustrative purposes only and do not represent actual ads.

What can Amazon Ads Sponsored Display Ads do for my business?

Case Study: Crawlspace Doctor

Founded in 2007, Crawlspace Doctor offers crawlspace repair and basement proofing services. As licensed home builders, they provide customized solutions for homes. RevLocal works with Crawlspace Doctor in Huntsville, Alabama to build awareness locally and generate new business.

In June 2023, Crawlspace Doctor started leveraging Amazon Sponsored Display Ads with two goals:

Raise awareness for their services for homeowners and business owners in the local area with humidity and crawlspace issues.

Generate relevant leads for people looking to protect and repair their homes and businesses.

The Results:

With Sponsored Display, Crawlspace Doctor has been seen over 3 million times by audiences who were shopping for products like dehumidifiers, box fans and other products that indicated they needed help with their homes.

Crawlspace Doctor scored some impressive wins through Amazon Ads, including a lead that brought in a $20,000 job. These ads connected Crawlspace Doctor with potential clients and new customers, ensuring their homes and businesses are protected from damage. Thanks to Amazon Ads Sponsored Display, they got the visibility they needed!

How have other businesses benefitted from Amazon Ads?

  • A cabinet company has been seen over 300,000 times in their local markets, for kitchen upgrades and remodeling. With bid and audience
  • A local brewery used Amazon Ads to showcase their wedding venue, being seen over 1.2 million times including those with wedding registries, millennials, and craft beer enthusiasts.
  • A yoga studio was seen over 12,000 times by yoga enthusiasts in their local area.

How can your business reach/connect with relevant customers?

A hair salon could reach those browsing hair styling products like curling irons, hair dye and accessories. Make sure to showcase your expert services to those searching for beauty shoppers.

For landscapers, you could engage audiences in-market for gardening tools, soil, patio pavers, lawn mowers and related items. Influence them to hire the pros and avoid the hassle.

Automotive shops could reach consumers browsing for car repair manuals, engine parts, diagnostic code scanners and other auto DIY products. Showcase the advantages of relying on skilled mechanics for vehicle needs.

An interior design firm can reach audiences looking at home décor, furniture, kitchen cabinets and bath remodeling products. Highlight your services for people seeking a home makeover.

A cleaning service can engage consumers in-market for cleaning supplies, vacuum cleaners, mops, and other household products, promising an easier solution for their cleaning needs.

Wedding photographers can connect with engaged audiences browsing rings, wedding dresses, tuxedos, invitations, and other wedding-related items, offering their services to capture the special day.

Who is eligible to use Sponsored Display Ads on Amazon Ads?

Industries like home services, salons, restaurants, auto and education can run Sponsored Display ads.

Offering a limited introductory offer: How can you get started?

For a limited time, you can join RevLocal's Amazon Ads Sponsored Display pilot for only a one-time fee of $99. This exclusive opportunity includes approximately 500,000 impressions over two months to significantly boost your online visibility. But hurry, this special offer is available only until December 14th, 2023!

This is an incredible opportunity to boost your brand in front of Amazon's vast audience.

Our in-house team of experts will set up, manage, and optimize your campaign to drive awareness and interest during holiday shopping season.

Don't miss out on putting your brand in front of thousands of shoppers. Contact your RevLocal Strategist or team to learn more about our exclusive Amazon Ads Sponsored Display pilot today and amplify your marketing right through the New Year.

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