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What Having a SEO Strategy Partner
Means for Your Business

With many internet searches generating billions of results, your business could easily fall out of the top rankings spots of your favorite search engines such as Google or Bing. Partnering with an SEO specialist will get your website ranking higher — and your business found faster.

When your business shows up in relevant searches, you target searchers who are more likely to make a purchase. That’s why our goal is to get your website in the prime real estate area of search results — and keep it there. Our SEO Specialists are passionate about building SEO strategies that return measurable results by helping clients optimize their website and content in a way that establishes authority and expertise.

There are hundreds of ranking signals, that is why it is important to have a balanced and flexible strategy that includes; onsite and offsite content creation, keyword research and tracking, technical website optimization, link building and much more.

SEO: Why Your Business Needs It

5.6 million

Google searches everyday


of searchers never scroll past the top 10 links in search results


of clicks go to the top of 3 organic search result listings

How SEO Can Help Grow Your Business

Our SEO strategies work to get your business in the top spots for search results. Though showing up in relevant searches doesn’t guarantee more site traffic, it does help customers find your business. This increased visibility can, in turn, convert into website traffic — or even paying customers.

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Traffic Quality is More Important than Traffic Quantity

We optimize your website with “intent to buy” in mind. This helps us identify people who are more likely to take action or make a purchase when they visit your site.

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Bounce Rate

Quality content and a user-friendly website can improve a visitor's browsing experience and make people want to stay on your website longer.

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Traffic Conversion

First-page rankings lead to traffic, which in turn can lead to calls or visits. Having strong, actionable website content helps convert website traffic into paying customers.

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Grow your business with search engine optimization.

Search Engine Deciding Factors

Every day, internet users make over 5.6 billion searches on Google, and 99% of people never scroll past the top 10 spots! That’s why it is crucial your business shows up higher in search results. When you partner with RevLocal, we help your business rank higher in two ways: building relevance and establishing trust.

Establishing Trust


We will optimize the content, keywords and code of your website. This gives users the info they need about your products or services to support what is being said offsite.

Building Relevance

Business Profiles

We will create content about your industry and place it where other people can like, share and backlink to your website. This acts as a "vote of confidence" from one site to another.

Why Does Organic SEO Matter for Your Business?

Learn more on why your business needs Organic SEO to bring you to the top of search results.

Our Approach to SEO

Utilizing best practices, our team will plan, prioritize and optimize an SEO strategy tailored to the needs of your business. If you have a RevLocal website, we’ll make any updates for you. We can even perform updates if you have a website of your own — as long as it's through a provider on our approved list. Either way, we’re here to help optimize your website and establish a strong SEO foundation.

We offer various plan levels to suit your business type, size, market, budget and overall goals. Check out our SEO Plan Tiers to get started.

SEO Plan Tier

showing up organically on the first page of google

What To Expect: Our SEO Strategy Timeline

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First 30 Days

Campaign Setup

We set your campaign up for success with a website audit, site recommendations and target keyword suggestions.

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2-5 Months

Build a Strong Foundation

As we begin building trust and relevance, your website and keywords move up search engine rankings.

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6 Months

Grow Authority and Trust

Keywords begin to top listing spots and we work hard to keep you there while building upon your success.

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6+ Months

Continue Momentum

Grow and defend your position against competition while expanding into new markets and keywords.

Streamline Your Organic SEO Marketing Strategy

Your organic SEO strategy may be working behind the scenes, but the RevLocal Marketing Platform makes it easy to see where hours are being spent. Our keyword rank tracker shows which keywords we’re actively improving, their current rank and how that ranking has changed over time.

The Platform’s dashboard also contains an SEO activity log, so you can get a monthly breakdown of how many activities we’re performing for your business in each category.

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