Facebook is now your 'personalized newspaper'

Facebook is now your 'personalized newspaper'

Content Writer: Matt Rowe Matt Rowe Chief Technical Officer

You didn't think Facebook would just lie idle without adding a new feature after Timeline, did you?

Facebook has once again outdone itself, creating an Interest feature to help users "personalize, tidy up and subscribe to pertinent genres of information," Marketing Land reports.

Users can now search for and create custom targeted lists, letting people see more posts from things they're interested in. Essentially, Facebook made the move to replace broad community pages about topics.

"Interest lists can help you turn Facebook into your own personalized newspaper, with special sections - or feeds - for topics that matter to you," Facebook's blog explains. "You can find traditional news sections like business, sports and style or get much more personalized - like tech news, NBA players and art critics."

Top stories related to your interests will appear in your news feed, and according to Marketing Land, the functionality and ease of use of the feature is "amazing."

For instance, the Facebook blog notes that you can subscribe to the 2012 US Presidential Candidates page, and view updates not only from related news outlets such as CNN, FOX and MSNBC, but also from individual campaigns.

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