Facebook's impact on the world

Social networking has become such as powerful global force that people in Egypt have gone so far as to name their children "Facebook," according to Socialnomics.

The importance of social media - Facebook specifically - can't be overlooked by businesses and local internet marketing professionals. At this point, you don't have a choice as to whether or not you engage in social media, but how well you do it determines your business' succcess.

The news source notes that social media has overtaken adult content as the No. 1 activity on the web - and with SOPA pirating laws still a hot-button issue, it may not be long before much of that particular content is eradicated for good.

Facebook has also proven to have the power to end relationships, as one-in-five divorces are blamed on the network's transparency.

To put Facebook's expansive user base in perspective, it would make up the world's third largest country - twice the size of the United States. Also, more than 75 million more gamers play Farmville through the social network than there are actual farmers.

The news source also touches on the impact Facebook made on Ford's 2011 Explorer release. Mashable found that the automaker surpassed its goal of 30,000 fans prior to the reveal, making it more effective than a Super Bowl commercial.

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