Facebook's Timeline changes everything, again

Facebook's Timeline changes everything, again

Content Writer: Mike Cook Mike Cook Senior Director of Sales Support & Marketing

Facebook's Timeline launched recently,aiming to show the history and highlights of your life (assuming you've documented it on Facebook) in an exciting and bold fashion, MarketingLand reports.

The news source cites developers at the recent f8 convention, who stated that Timeline will revolutionize your original profile page from being "the first five minutes of the conversation" to "the rest of the conversation."

Not familiar with Timeline? In time, you will be. Facebook will once again change its layout to accommodate for the feature. There will be an undisclosed grace period before the transition takes place.

Search Engine Land notes in a separate article that because Timeline lets you look back at years of old posts and activities, the information may also be available for others to see.

If you want to prevent people such as employers or significant others from viewing your past, Facebook offers privacy options.

For example, if you update to Timeline you'll have seven days to edit the information that will appear before it goes live. Also, certain posts and permissions can be changed, with the option to "view as," and see how your new profile will be displayed to others once everything has been confirmed.

Facebook continues to evolve. How will the new changes affect your brand, if at all? 

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