Tips for Facebook fan page improvements

Tips for Facebook fan page improvements

Content Writer: Mike Cook Mike Cook Senior Director of Sales Support & Marketing

In your business' attempts to garner Facebook Likes, you have probably already considered advertising and marketing options that drive consumers to your brand's page.

However, Entrepreneur magazine points to a few simple yet effective strategies that take far less effort than a full-fledged local SEO or marketing campaign.

For instance, having a branded URL is important not only for aesthetic purposes, but because it will make getting link referrals much easier than if your page's URL was, say "" There used to be a requirement that you achieve 25 Likes before you could modify the web address, but that has since been lifted.

Your page's title is important as well. One restriction that hasn't been changed is that once your page reaches 100 fans, the title can no longer be altered. Your brand's name is usually the best bet here.

Facebook also offers the option to create a welcome page for followers, rather than simply bringing them straight to your wall. The news source notes that your wall posts probably won't be enough to garner a Like, but if you're providing valuable information on a well-designed page, your chances of conversion increase.

The Using Facebook for Business Marketing blog adds that your Facebook welcome page should align with your current marketing goals. It can feature promotions to upcoming events or new products, or act as an outlet for links to other social media sites like Twitter or foursquare.

The blog suggests asking yourself "what one action you want visitors to take next when they land on your page." This should be very obvious to the viewer - possibly bolded, with eye-catching graphics and text.

Other benefits of a Facebook welcome page are that it sets the stage for a new visitor, explains the benefits of your business, reinforces branding via graphics, images and personality and, maybe most importantly, shows that you take Facebook seriously. The more professional you act on the social site, the more likely you are to gain fans.

Lastly, Entrepreneur magazine notes that it's important to use analytics software to create targeted ads. You can now view prospects' age, sex and location, and see posts they've Liked in the past. This can help produce ads your fans are more likely to click.

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