Treating a Facebook fan page like a website for SEO

Treating a Facebook fan page like a website for SEO

Content Writer: Marc Hawk Marc Hawk Chief Executive Officer

While the majority of your local SEO efforts may be focused on your website and marketing the correct keywords, it's important to note that Google registers SEO for your brand's Facebook page as well.

Search Engine Watch suggests treating your Facebook fan page similar to your website in terms of which SEO tactics you use. The correct wording of a page's title, meta description, header, and even wall posts and discussion boards can vault your page up Google' search engine results rankings.

For example, the news source reports that the title of your fan page should be your company's name followed by "|Facebook." The title shouldn't more than the standard length of an SEO title, which is 70 characters. An overly long page name might also overshadow the meta description.

The meta description should be the name of your page as well as the "About" description, again followed by "|Facebook." Your "About" should be roughly 140 characters.

Lastly, the H1 tag should simply be the name of your page.

When you update your Facebook page, keep in mind that SEO will only be pulled from the first 18 characters, so make sure you load each wall post with appropriate keywords and then add a link at the end if necessary. Wall posts are indexed by Google as well, but tend to not be given as much weight as, say, title tags because they lose relevancy over time.
Just as inbound links are important for a website or blog's SEO, your Facebook page can gain clout with an abundance of links as well, Search Engine Land notes. If Google sees that your tabs and pages are being linked to by numerous reputable sources, it determines that they're important and improves their ranking.

When adding images, it's important to realize that search engines can't read photos, so if SEO-rich text is placed inside an image, it will go for naught, SEW adds. Furthermore, in terms of multimedia, titles should be focused and to the point, and should probably mention the company name or a popular keyword as well.

While it may not seem like it, discussion topics can be indexed by Google too. Boards can be a great place to not only earn some SEO-title credit, but also to discuss subjects that you may not want to address on your wall.

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