Paid advertising is an Important Part of Your Marketing Plan

Paid advertising is an Important Part of Your Marketing Plan

Content Writer: Mike Cook Mike Cook Senior Director of Sales Support & Marketing

[IMAGE left medium] Soon after conversion tracking became available to advertisers, paid advertising began focusing on conversions and return on ad spend as opposed to ‘clicks.’ While conversions and returns are extremely important, considering this as the only benefit of paid advertising is detrimental to your company’s growth. Paid advertising is about targeting and making your company visible to the right customer base, which eventually leads to new customers.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Branded keywords are fueling most of the ‘last click’ conversions. These also seem to have a very high conversion rate offering you the highest rate of return on your investment. So, how can you take advantage of SEO and SEM? If you create an online advertising strategy using several tactics together, you will benefit the most.

Some of these tactics include:

·         Paid Search Marketing

·         Social Media Advertising

·         Site and Search (Retargeting)

During the decision making process, various tactics are used for different users. It is vital that you use these tactics together. To benefit from paid advertising, you need to invest in tactics today that may not lead to an immediate sale.

eBay Conducts Study on Effectiveness of Paid Advertising

Recently, eBay conducted a study related to the effectiveness of paid advertising claims. eBay states that brand keyword ads offer no short-term benefits or returns on the investment.

This is a highly debated topic and here is why:

·         Historically eBay’s pay per click (PPC) performance is poor

·         eBay is well-known, allowing the company to make money without any Google AdWords

·         With paid advertising, your branded keywords assist you in controlling your message; you fight off competitors threats and own a valuable piece of real estate on the search engines

If it makes sense from your return on investment (ROI), you should continue using branded keywords. You should also test and analyze your data to ensure your advertising campaign is the best combination possible for your business.

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