Gboard: Google's New iPhone App Combines Keyboard with Search

Gboard: Google's New iPhone App Combines Keyboard with Search

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On May 12, Google rolled out Gboard, a keyboard app with Google search integrated into the keyboard. Gboard is available exclusively on iPhones, and it allows users to search for local information, emojis, GIFs, and more without leaving the keyboard app.

And this is big for local businesses. Google even hinted at what this means for small businesses in Gboard’s demonstration video.

How does it work?


When Google announced Gboard in the Official Google Blog, they included a video of how iPhone users might use Gboard while messaging friends and family. The video showed two people texting and searching for a local restaurant.

In the video, the user was able to search for, copy and paste the restaurant’s information into the messaging app without ever leaving the app. The user can simply tap the “G” icon and search within any app they are using at the time.

Users can then tap the search result they want to share, and if it’s a local business, send a card with business information such as Google star rating, business address, hours, etc.

What does this mean for local businesses?


This means that the information searchers find about your business in Google searches will be what they share with friends and family. Gboard could give local businesses with correct citation information a huge advantage over small businesses that have incorrect or incomplete business information.

For more information on citations for local businesses, check out our post about why you need to care about citation building

So if you don’t have enough reviews or your business’s citation information is incorrect, you need to work to fix those problems. 

Here’s what David Jackson, our Director of Client Strategy, has to say about Gboard:

“This has large implications for small businesses and local SEO. Google’s new Gboard accelerates the customer decision making process, making it easier than ever to look up and share local information with their friends. Businesses need to be present with correct phone numbers, reviews and business hours or risk missing out on potential customers.”

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