Google's 2014 Algorithm Updates: What They Mean for Internet Marketers

Google's 2014 Algorithm Updates: What They Mean for Internet Marketers

Content Writer: Marc Hawk Marc Hawk Chief Executive Officer

“Marketing is a fundamental part of any business, and every successful company allocates resources towards it if they want to flourish.” – SEO Marketing Consultants.

Google is growing, and it has optimized itself in several innovative ways. With various SEO inclusions, new art and science guiding rules and rails, and countless other changes, the search engine giant will likely change the internet marketing game for many firms. Industry leaders needn’t worry too much, however, provided they look into Google’s algorithm changes.

New Tactics, New Techniques

SEO professionals will face a few challenges within the upcoming years. Websites will likely require re-organization to achieve higher rankings, and online marketing leaders will need to adapt to newly relevant information.

Leaders are urged to link their website profiles with fervor; new audits will benefit many internet marketing companies, and removing quirky and haphazardly built inbound links will streamline accessibility.

Content is King

Content quality will be incredibly important following Google’s algorithm update, as the changes primarily weed out unnatural and keyword-heavy phrases used by many link-building companies. SEO professionals will need to step up their game, and they’ll need to focus on content marketing in new, in-depth ways.

Content will become increasingly geared towards targeted individual groups, so industry leaders will require additional knowledge about specific consumer subsets, according to Marketers will become additionally engaging towards website activities, and they will likely govern social media guidelines as SEO watchdogs.

Social Media Networking

Speaking of social media, its marketing network apparatus will become increasingly visible. It will not, however, become blatant or disorderly. Chances are, professionals and SEO companies will focus on varying degrees of involvement, and they will need to focus on popular search engines partnering with social media giants.

Companies, in short, will need to digest social media platforms, and they will need to engage this behavior soon. With Google’s SEO “water-down”, internet marketing will become increasingly engaging, and innovative consumer incorporations will become incredibly important. It isn’t about pop-up advertisements on Facebook anymore.

The SEO industry is evolving rapidly, and 2014 delivers enough fuel to change search engine experts’ views forever. Many firms will struggle, but a few small-time industry participants may become internet marketing giants. When it comes to strategy and innovation, leaders within the faceless crowd have a lot to work with. The real question is, however: which leader are you?


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