Optimizing video for Google and YouTube

Optimizing video for Google and YouTube

Content Writer: Marc Hawk Marc Hawk Chief Executive Officer

Many local internet marketing campaigns are adding rich media content in order to stand out from competitors and produce higher return on investment.

Companies are discovering new ways to optimize their video content for various websites and search engines such as YouTube and Google. According to Busines2 2 Community, video content can increase discoverability and drive consumer engagement with a brand, and can be easily optimized for high search engine results in a few simple steps.

First, marketing teams must determine which keywords are most important to the company or brand's image or business. The keywords should not only reflect what the company offers, but also what is being displayed in the video content. These keywords should be added to written content in the title, tags and description of the video when uploaded to Google or YouTube, Business 2 Community reported.

With regard to video content, it is important for brands to create media that is informative and has a call to action. Reel SEO reported video content should explain to the consumer what is being offered, where the company can be contacted and what should be done next in order to obtain the product or service.

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