Engage customers at point of purchase

Engage customers at point of purchase

Content Writer: Aaron Boggs Aaron Boggs President

As a small business owner, you know that one of the best ways to compete with larger companies is to establish a social media presence and try to build a following.

However, big brands remain more successful in this arena because more people are listening, "Liking" and engaging with their content. Social Media Today explains that small businesses must "hyper target" their messages to a local audience, but also attempt to reach a broader Facebook community to improve their Edge Rank.

This can be a daunting - and many times fruitless - task, especially given the time and effort it takes to create and launch a successful social media campaign.

Outside of creating a Google Places page to ensure your company is listed and recognized on the internet, one of the best ways small businesses can reach customers is to provide personal attention to help "amplify their brand messaging," the news source explains.

Large businesses sometimes turn off customers with posts or updates that may seem too automated or promotional.

"(Customers) have become almost immune to the messages that are being sent out by businesses, particularly on social media," the media outlet explains. "They skip over it, block it, ignore it, report it or whatever else they can think of doing to get the brands out of their face even if they were the ones who liked the page in the first place."

What you should keep in mind is that people more often listen to other people, so consider adding a personal element to your social campaign. If a customer has a positive experience at your place of business, ask them to "Like" your Facebook page or make a post about your company at the point of purchase. Messages sent out by actual people while at a store location resonate far better than anything you post on your actual Facebook page.

Try offering the customer a free item or discount in exchange for posting on social media. While you have them, perhaps ask if you could take a picture of the customer in-store that you can post. Again, this creates a more personal connection that may induce more followers and fans.

Referrals are another form of personal endorsement, and according to a recent Manta study, they're relied upon by many companies to drive traffic. Specifically, 55 percent of respondents said referrals give them the largest traffic boosts, and 78 percent have asked for a recommendation from a former friend or colleague. 

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