Google Places upgrades bulk listing management tool

Google Places upgrades bulk listing management tool

Content Writer: Mike Cook Mike Cook Senior Director of Sales Support & Marketing

If you're a business owner with multiple brick-and-mortar locations, it can be complicated to list each of your stores on Google My Business for your customers to see.

However, the importance of getting this right can't be understated. A recent Vertical Measures poll found that 86 percent of consumers are searching for local businesses online, and 92 percent of that total buy what they've searched for at a physical store.

But if only one of your multiple businesses is listed, you may be missing out on potential revenue from consumers close to your other stores.

Google Places recently attempted to rectify this by offering changes to its bulk listing management tool as a way to make it easier for multiple-location business owners and local search marketers to manage their listings.

According to the company's blog, the changes will allow you to edit one or more of your listings at once, filter them by specific information, upload new ones using a data file or add them individually within the interface and offer feedback for further improvements. 

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