10 Great Google+ Tips for SMBs

10 Great Google+ Tips for SMBs

Content Writer: Martin Poston Martin Poston Digital Marketing Strategist

As far as social networks are concerned, Google+ still seems like the new kid on the block. But Google is still the search-engine king, and Web users would be remiss in not using Google+ to their advantage. After all, Google+ attracts approximately 300 million monthly active users to its network. While the numbers are still low against monthly active social media users on Facebook (1.2 billion), it still bests Twitter (243 million) and Instagram (70 million).

So let’s find out how to use Google+ better in 10 easy ways:

1) Add the right people:  If your goal is to attract potential customers to your small business, then seek out those users who would be interested in your product lines. Put those Google+ people into your Google+ circles.

2) Upload great pictures:  No more need to size your photos to fit a social network; upload large photos to Google+. Brands are taking notice of this feature, displaying great branded images at 16:9 ratio (2120 X 1192 pixels) when fully expanded.

3) Auto Awesome motion: Google+ has a new feature called "Auto Awesome," which stitches together five of your photos to create an auto-awesome image. You can even add snowflakes to images!

4) Easy photo uploads for bloggers: If you use Google’s blogger service, you can automatically link your blog to your Google+ profile, and blog posts will upload automatically.

5) Use hashtags to boost your content:  Clicking on Google+ hashtags gives users better insights into other posts with the same hashtag.  

6) Google integration: Google+ integrates with Google properties like Gmail, Wallet, Maps and more. But it’s mostly linked to search, and Google+ helps potential customers find your small business. 

7) Video chats with Hangouts: Google Hangouts connects through Google+ for video conferencing, live events, broadcasts and live collaboration.  

8) Author Rank boost: As the Web gets more social, Google is starting to rank your online profile through Author Rank. Being active on Google+ can help your ranking.

9) Good for SMBs: Click here to learn how to set up your small business page on Google+.

10) It’s from Google:  Just roll with it—it’s Google!

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